Free SAS and CDISC SDTM training courses

Free SAS and CDISC SDTM training courses

Statskom delivers a range of SAS ® training materials suitable for a variety of users of all abilities. We are developing two training programmes, sections of which are currently available for free for a limited time only. We are also able to produce bespoke training material to suit a client’s needs, for example our SAS ® for Data Management course.

All training material contains examples that will teach the user useful techniques and exercises that allow them to practise what they have learned. Contact us for more details, or view our free course material below

Introduction to SAS ®

Our Introduction to SAS training provides a series of lessons aimed at the beginner or inexperienced user and aims to give them the skills they need to use SAS with confidence in the workplace.

SAS ® for clinical programmers

Our SAS for clinical programmers training provides more in-depth lessons that focus on how to use SAS ® to accomplish the day to day tasks that a programmer will encounter in the life sciences industry. This course will be available soon.

SAS ® for data managers

This bespoke course was created to introduce data managers can utilise SAS in their everyday work to assist them with data cleaning and edit checking. This course will be available soon.